Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 18. Karen Love. Today was a super long and productive day! We all woke up around 8:00 ish and had some amazing stove-cooked granola for breakfast. Afterward, John, Kelsey and Robert Dye gave us some lessons on how to cook safely with a camp stove and how to properly pack a sea kayak.

Afterward, we unpacked the sea kayaks and hit the water! One of the most important things about sea kayaking (i have learned) is to be able to exit your sea kayaking quickly in case you flip upside down. Of course, you have to learn by doing, and that water was freezing cold! After the "wet exits" we paddled out on the open lake to get used to our boats; we learned different strokes and techniques for comfortable paddling. After about two hours, we all headed back to land, packed up the boat and changed out of our wet clothes. We were then treated to an amazing pontoon boat tour of the lake by our generous host (whose family Jones hall just happens to be named after)who gave us some tidbits of history about the area around Lake James. After the tour, we came back to camp, cooked dinner, chilled out for awhile and then had class. We ended up going to bed pretty early; partially because we were so beat from the day and partially because we knew that tomorrow we would have to wake up much earlier.


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  2. Karen,

    Have a great trip!!! We'll be thinking of you all.

    Have Fun,

    Kevin Fischer