Monday, June 1, 2009

May 31. Jennifer Gift. Yesterday there were things, but today we could really feel that we were nearing the ocean. I think it's fair to say that we all share the same feelings...excitement for finally reaching the beach...having come down from the mountains...and a little bit of sadness now that our adventure is coming to an end.

We've all agreed to make these last few days spectacular. So we put in to paddle the canal from Lake Moultrie to the Cooper River. There were a lot of boats and a lot of wake waves. I got to tandum with Tina again today, which was wonderful fun last time, so I had great expectations. In fact, I do believe that the trip just kept getting better and better since I tandumed with Tina the first time, not that is was bad before, but she sure have been a 'lifesaver' (*wink*). I was just saying how the morning was looking pretty uneventful, and I wouldn't know what to write about when she pointed out a turtle on the high rung of a wooden ladder into the water that seemed to be stuck because the water was now at least 3 rungs below where it sat. It must have been napping while the water level dropped. I wondered what the most turtleish thing to do in that situation would be. Would he plunge into the water below when we was ready or just wait for the water to rise?

Once through the canal we entered some marsh/swamp land.It made me think of a musical I was in, the only musical I have been in actually, called "Once Upon a Mattress", in which one of the main characters is a princess from the swamp: "where ere I roam the whips of fate may smart, but deep down in my heart, one place shall abide, and shall ne'er be forgotten, though I search far and wide, there is no land as rotten...rotten, rotten, rotten, as the swamps of home."

We had lunch in a bog, where most people sank knee deep getting out of their boats. I managed to crawl up to the stern since I was in the tandum and 'tree hug" my way along the shore to where we went climbinb up to have lunch. I didn,t bring my camera because it was too boggy, but when I climbed up and was able to see what was on the other side of the tiny mushy island, I really wished I had. It was like an African marshland. Now I've been to Africa, but the wildness of it...the boatlessness...the wild life...was beautiful. We proved how much we've drown and accomplished as a group when we found we had no bread for the chicken salad sandwiches, but we made do. And we had Sun Chips!! Thanks to "John Bob." We kayaked about 12 miles toeday through water plants as well as the river.We were constantly pulling the stuff off our paddles and rudders.We way a few alligators today.The number of sightings increases daily. We took out at private property, but John worked it out. Hopefully, we will be able to put in again at the same spot tomorrow, bright and early. We're at an odd campsite tonight. We pitched out tents right under an intensely bright light where every bug and its mother have seemed to convene. It sounds like it's sprinkling outside, but it's not. It's just the bugs hitting the rainfly. I'd say the most entertaining part of the evening was when some of the guys decided to climb the huge look out tower and hurl insults to those bellow. Several goofy things were said, in Monty Python fashion, but I personally think Robert won with, "and we'll beat you with wet cauliflower and make you use credit cards...with 19% interest!


  1. Good mayfly hatch in the facebook pictures. Makes me want to go fly fishing with my son. Oh yeah, the other pictures were really good too. The blogs have been great y'all (half Texan by blood so I can at least write it), and I can visualize much of what you have experienced. There is no substitute for being there, but thanks for bringing your friends and loved ones along with your descriptive writing. Godspeed to you all as you finish this wonderful journey and learning experience. Patrick's Dad.

  2. Swamps, turtles attempting to climb ladders,sun chip chicken salad, Monty Python nonsense
    :) what an extraordinary day!

    I hope this trip has been absolutely brilliant for you all and that you will remember it always! <3

    and Patrick i can't wait to see you and your silly hair :] hehe sooooooooooon!

  3. You must be so excited and sad too to be ending your journey in Charleston. We've enjoyed reading your adventure along the way. I'm sure the experiences you have shared will bond you into lasting friendships. Patrick, I can't wait to see your smiling face. I'm sure we will be regaled with stories for hours. Enjoy your low country boil and hurry home! Mom