Friday, May 22, 2009

May 21. Dean Mobley. Yeepee! There it is, the place I've been waiting to see, the backside of Mountain Island Lake Dam, a place my Dad took me fishing thirty years ago. The river looked just like it did then.

With a few blasts from the dam's horn to signal the release of the water, I remembered what it was like so long ago. It's funny because I never wondered what was on the other side. It just never crossed my mind nor had I ever been there. Well, I just came from it 20 minute ago. It is the most beautiful lake we've seen yet. Some parts shallow and clear, a very clean lake. The folks from Charlotte, who get their tap water from this lake, ought to be proud. They should thank people like Mary McDowell, a lady we met last night. She let us camp on her property. She helped start a land trust to protect the shores of the lake.

It was almost 10:00 before we started the day's journey. Light drizzle started to fall as soon as we got going. An easy day to paddle with a slight current to bring use along. The place we started had the only houses for miles. Just a couple of boats passed us for the first eight or so miles. After about two miles Robert led us back into a cove, which didn't look like it would be much in the beginning, but it opened up into a huge, almost lake-like body of water. Striped bass, carp and turtles were abundant. We were all amazed at what we saw. The only disappointment I felt was that a fifty-five gallon drum had found its way there and was resting on the shore. Somebody...please go back there and pick it up! I don't know if anyone else felt this way, but it seemed as though I would stop paddling my kayak, it would slow down faster than normal as if the lake wanted me to stop and drink in some more of its beauty. We ate lunch on a sandy beach and proceeded on our way.

A short time later, we saw a volleyball net set up in the lake. What a sight! It was just sitting there still taunt as if it had just been put up that day. I imagine the water wasn't that deep when the net was set up.

At about 6:00, we reached our final destination and waiting on the bank were several BC faculty, Ken Chamlee, Cameron Austin and Clyde Carter. With them was a fresh BC alumni, Steven Acker. We got out of our boats and proceeded up the banks of the US National White Water Center. I didn't know the place existed two days ago; white water kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking and a zipline are some of the activities. This place was hopping when we got there. The instructors cut us loose for an hour before we sat down in the restaurant. I had a brief visit from my dad and mom before dinner since they live close by. There was live music, a fun atmosphere, and dogs everywhere. The dogs were having as much fun as the people were. We finally set up our tent at the center about 11:00 and called it a night.


  1. hehe i like how this entry started with Yeepee! It made me even more excited to read it :)

    I'm so happy i got to see you all yesterday!
    Everyone was looking tan, tired, and beautiful!
    I hope the rest of your adventure is spectacular!
    Lessons learned while eating dinner with a few VOR friends:
    1) You should only eat a handful of fried pickles.
    2) Kim loves water...paddling it
    and drinking it<3
    3)The buffaloaf is not as big as it sounds.
    4)and the waitress will take your food away as you are eating it! :)

    haha <3

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  3. Great blog. Sounds like you had a really good day and night! Love seeing all the newly posted photos. Thank you. Keep grabbing the gusto!-- Kim's mom

  4. Kristina,

    Hi - hope you are well! Dad said you shouldn't need suntan lotion in all the rain. He is headed to Illnois fishing tomorrow. Graduation went well. Jim and Tricia say hello - paddle hard, paddle deep, and paddle long.

  5. Patrick,
    It was so good to hear your voice yesterday! It sounds like the trip has been amazing so far. We were able to see all the pictures that were posted yesterday--the hash browns with cheese looked "divine", oh and you all looked good too :-) Hope you have great weather and smooth paddling today. Some of the Greens arrive this afternoon and will post to you sometime this weekend. Love you! Mom

  6. Viewed Linda Brown's photos. So cool.Thank you ! Kim, saw you eating a hamburger! :)

  7. Deano
    Sounds to me like you are having a great time. Lots of water(rain here) and upstreamof you too but I suppose I don't have to tell you that..
    You must be setting a recprd pace for each leg if you are in a river and not just lakes