Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 25. Jordan Martin. Today we travelled 10 miles from one family of hospitable Halls to another: H.R. Hall's home in Great Falls,SC, to Andre Hall's cabin on Lake Wateree.

We have met some incredibly generous and good hearted people throughout this trip, their kindnesses innumberable and understanding vast. Mrs. Hall, H.R.'s mother opened up her lawn, home, including bathrooms, showers and tupperware full of homemade cake. She and her son, his wife and 2 boys displayed genuine care and absolute giving to us. Andre, his wife and 4 boys gave us plenty of attention, ranging from rides on a Hobie across the lake to a delicious home grilled meal with salad! The generosity of these individuals and numerous others has overtaken and overwhelmed any expectations I may have had.

Our trip has been accentuated and improved by the benevolence of all who have helped. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who have contributed and assisted us along our journey. I don't believe the trip would mean as much as it does without the connection to the people along our river's shores. Each person we have met has given us a deeper grasp of what the river means, what trials it faces and the trials people face because of it.


  1. Hi everyone, and thank you Jordan for your comments! It was a pleasure having you guys visit, and we enjoyed meeting all of you. You are such a polite, respectful and impressive group, and I’m sure your parents are all so proud. We also got a few pictures that we’ll post on the Facebook site. Again, we enjoyed meeting you guys. Paddle safely and best of luck to you all!

    The (2d) Halls

  2. At last! News!! And what a great post, it was. Thanks!

  3. Dear Jordy,
    Your adventure is slowly coming to an end but what a wonderful expierence getting to know the river, its wildlife and those who dwell on or near it. Can't wait to hear about what you have expierenced and learned. Hope to see you mid June----Love Poppy