Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 19. Charles Jordan. We started our day much differently from the previous 3 days. What made it dfferent was CURRENT!

We camped right below the Lake Hickory dam on Lookout Shoals Lake. Where the dam came into the lake, it created a good current that kept us moving at around 6 to 7 mph for the first half of the day until we got to the actual paddle!

Our campsite was nice, and there was lots of firewood for us to burn. We made a good fire and were going to make smores, but decided to go to sleep instead and make them tomorrow night.

Dean, Jenny B and Jen G. were cooking dinner, and it turned out well. We had pita pizzas with brocollit, spinach, tomoatoes, mushrooms, cheese and sausage. Tina taught a lesson as we were finishing up dinner about a drowning at Raven's Chute.


  1. I had mushrooms and spinach yesterday......i feel like i was right there with you guys :p
    hehe Keep up the good work and keep up the FUN!!!

  2. Charles,
    Sounds like a good day and great dinner. I'll be thinking about those smores tonight. I wish you could beam some to me and Ben. Mom.

  3. Hey Charles, sounds like your eating some good food! Hope all is well!