Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brevard College Voices of the Rivers Program: May 16 - June 2, 2009
The Voice of the Rivers experience—which combines academics with outdoor exploration—is designed to educate the public and raise awareness of activities that threaten rivers; bring attention to organizations and groups poised to address those threats; and foster a sense of stewardship and community activity among the students who participate.

Since its inaugural 1997 expedition from Brevard, N.C. to the Gulf of Mexico, the Voice of the Rivers (VOR) program at Brevard College has offered students and faculty an opportunity to paddle and study a variety of ecologically and culturally significant rivers.

This year, two Brevard College faculty members and 11 students will paddle kayaks the length of the Catawba-Wateree watershed, beginning on the Catawba River near Linville Gorge, N.C and ending at the Atlantic Ocean in Charleston, S.C, over 400 river miles. The Catawba-Wateree watershed was selected for the College’s fifth VOR expedition after being recognized by American Rivers as “America’s Most Endangered River” in 2008.

During their 18-day trip, the group will study about rivers and their importance to society, while camping along the riverbank and talking about their experiences with the people they meet. Plans are underway for VOR members to talk with school programs, media organizations and conservation groups in North and South Carolina as the group makes its way to the sea.

VOR students—whose majors include Art, Environmental Science, English, Elementary Education, Business, Theater, Music and Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education—are also required to post daily journal entries, photos and videos of their travels and experiences online using Facebook, blogs and the College Web site.

Brevard College

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, Brevard College offers a range of distinctive baccalaureate degree programs. The VOR program embodies the College’s commitment to a liberal arts education that is interdisciplinary and experiential. Past VOR expeditions include trips down the Tennessee, Ohio and Mississippi rivers; the Green River; the Rio Santa Cruz, Rio Limay and Rio Negro rivers in Patagonia, Argentina; and the Savannah River.

For more information about Brevard College and the Voice of the Rivers program, please visit www.brevard.edu/vor or contact Robert Dye at dyerw@brevard.edu or 828-883-8946.

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  1. Great job, folks. I'm glad the trip went well. We currently have the NCNR paddling in our back yard on their expedition.


    -J Scott Moncrief
    Brevard College Class of 1984