Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 29. Thomas Allison. The air was hot and full with moisture from the bog that was just down the road from our group campsite; I was awoken by Dean's rustling in my tent to see him packing his things in a virgorous motion, but my morning was not all fun and games.
I proceeded to grab the toilet bag from my tent and find a warm and snuggly place to dig my own sewage treatment plant. As I proceeded, I was stopped by a force of nature so great it made me pull my padagonia short shorts right up to my waist.
"No!", I yelled into my head, but the damage had already been done. The six swells protruded out of my posterior. I quickly grabbed my go-and-dig shovel and ran back to camp to enjoy a creamy breakfast of grits. As soon as I knew it, I was back in the bog fighting with the mosquitoes while trying to retreat into my yellow submarine. Finally, I launched, and I was off into the unknown of the Santee River. The sun was pounding on my skin. It seemed like every pore of my skin was boiling from the rays, but my conscience was cleared by Robert's voice saying, "This looks like the place". This place turned into a lunch spot where we enjoyed PB & J for lunch, and our entertainer was a fuzzy little rabbit that kept Jay mezmerized for at least thirty minutes. This break was short lived. We were right back on the water and enjoying an abundance of animals from a six foot monster alligator to a ginormous wild boar at least weighing 280 lbs. But our journey was short lived by the docks of the Santee State Park where John Palmer was waiting patiently at the dock's after his tiring journey from Brevard, North Carolina.


  1. LOL - this blog is hilarious.

  2. THOMAS We all enjoyed your blog... It sounds like you encountering many new challenges and adventures. The wildlife you have seen on the trip must be so exciting and interesting. Hope you do not have too many bug bites and maybe when you get to the ocean the salt water will make them feel better... sounds like the whole team is working together and we cannot believe your trip is almost complete. Are you going to rest a little tomorrow? Love Mom and Dad

  3. hahha...i love your word usage.see you soon. love chantal