Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 16. Thomas Allison. The adventure began at Ross Hall Where we loaded the rest of our essential kayaks and gear.

After taking 2 group pictures, we hopped into the old dodge van and began our journey up the mountain to Lake Rhodhiss. Once we arrived at the put in, it was a state of organized chaos which lasted about an hour as we all packed our own kayaks. Then the journalist from Morganton, NC, arrived and began to take pictures and write down all the names of the members of our team. We began to organize the boats to load into the water for our extravagant adventure on Lake Rhodhiss. We paddled 3.5 miles to our designated camping site where we were overwhelmed with torrented rain, but enjoyed a tasty Mexican dinner that filled our stomachs and soothed our souls for a quiet and dreamy night's sleep.


  1. Thomas, I'm glad your Mexicano dinner soothed your soul for your quiet and dreamy nights sleep. You're hilarious by the way, I can't wait to read tomorrows blog. Good luck tomorrow, you're in my prayers. Also, I LOVE you know habibi..good bye for now.. PEACE AND LOVE THOMAS!!!-Chantal

  2. Oh, I hope those Ribs put you in a acom.. On that note you're probably drooling...Thomas...