Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 30. Kim Williams. And on the fifteenth day, they rest. We awoke at the Santee State Park to strong and steady winds that had most of us silently apprehensive about our planned 12 miles on the exposed Lake Moultrie. It became evident that all of us were moving slowly, nursing sore muscles and doctoring numerous bug bites courtesy of our four day stay in the Wateree swamp. With that said we were all still happy to be near the river and ready for anything. Soon enough we gathered up in our familiar group circle, standard to experiential education, to discuss the day ahead...and we welcomed the opportunity to nourish our swamp-stricken bodies after our 95 mile stint.

We spent the day at Camp Moultrie, and on the way checked out the dam that diverts water into Lake Moultrie and then into a canal that goes to the Cooper River.

This rest day is so important because it has given us all a great chance to reflect on our trip thus far. We spent time working in groups regarding the literature portion of class.Another meeting was with Robert, reviewing our field guides and the places we've seen. All in all, our day consisted of catching up on class work, such as reading and journals, lying around in the grass, practicing rolls in our kayaks, snacking and reviewing our trip. It was a great to see everyone relaxing and enjoying the pretty day. I am looking forward to getting back in my boat and being on the water again.

We enjoyed a wonderful surprise when we joined the very generous Cub Scout Pack 789 of Ladson, South Carolina, for a BBQ dinner. What a delight! We were spoiled with a yummy display of barbeque pork, chicken, rice, baked beans and sweet tea. It's a treat to share food and time with such kind people. Thanks Pack 789 and Cub Master Charlies Rucker. Your generosity is appreciated, and your food was delicious. Congrats to the cubs in the graduating ceremony tonight!!! Our night was ended with a thought-provoking class and a picturesque sunset. A perfect glowing ball falling slowly into the edge of Lake Marion soothed our minds and put a final warm glow on our evening.


  1. Only 2 days left! I'm glad you guys got to have a rest day in order to reflect recover and relax. That's cool that you got to eat with a pack of cub scouts - sounded like a good spread! Can't wait to see you all again this Fall.


  2. Oh Kim my dear :) i love reading your blogs! You give wonderful detail through your word choice and i adore the way you veiw the things around you <3

    I hope you are all enjoying every moment of this trip, whether its lounging about in the grass or paddling a hefty ways down the river :) Keep the morale up!

    P.s. Patrick i bought Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits the other day :] haha i thought of you.

  3. Tina -
    Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time and some great experiences! Enjoy - you're almost there. Wanted to let you know - dance recital was great and I sent pics to your phone, but I heard it hasn't faired well in the weather.
    Take care and see ya soon!

  4. Kim, Loved reading your delightful blog. What a group you guys are-- poets, journalists, comedians-- it all comes thru. . . It's been a wild ride, and we feel admiration towards all of you! Kim, can't wait to have you back home, and we'll fall to the ground hugging. Love, Your family

  5. It is so enjoyable reading everyone's contribution to the blog. Cannot believe the trip is almost complete, The groups personality has certainly been expressed through the blogs and you can picture in your minds eye the different scenery. Charleston in two more days and we are sure you are already tasting the low country boil.!!!!!!! YUM YUM. Tom I talked to Mr Bray and you need to be at Gow by the 22nd of June and you are done on the 3rd of August. The contract is being mailed this week. Love Mom and Dad